HCL - Hike and culture around Lisbon

Simple standard rules :

 It is a soft hiking/ walking group who organize leisure activities in Lisbon and around the city between old and new friends.

This group only has a moderator and it is important respect the privacy the person who is organising the things.I hope everybody have good leisure moments including me ( the moderator). However, it is important you know I am not "working" in a professional perspective in those events and  I only organize these events for leisure reasons and all the platform meetup costs are only totally supported by myself .Ok?  

1- Bring always food, water, etc... It does not mean we could not have a lunch/dinner outside but it depends the number of people and other circumstances. Ps : Sometimes bring wine when we will not go hiking.

2- Usually we will visit new places for me and others and i do not know what is going to happen and when the tour will finish. I organize the time for the event starting but we never know when it will really over. However, people are free to leave whenever they want :) . PS: Often I have to check the GPS for simple paths or I need help...

3- I hope everybody come with the spirit to help each other and not to complain...

4- Please, before coming, see all the details in the events including the updates and notes .

5-In the hiking events please come prepared for an entire day outside of Lisbon. 

6- Attention !, I am not an art specialist, guide tour, travel agent or an agent of tourist animation and this group is not a recreational association. It is only a simple group for people have fun in a healthy perspective and learn a little bit more things .

When we need a guided tour i will ask help for some organizations who have license and ensurance for that .

7- Please come with welfare to have fun :). 

8 - In some events is really important to know who is going. For example when we organize cars for hiking, restaurant dinner/lunch, guided tours and other kind of events that we need a reservation. In this situation, please do not give up in the night before the event or in the same day ( of course, in other situations we can be flexible about time, number of people, etc..) 

9- Please do not send private messages about things you can publish in the event. 

10- If you think I have to do something more or better in these events, do not worry, I may be open for new job opportunities and you can make a job propose for I spend more of my time with leisure topics or for studying art, history, archaeology, etc.PS: Sometimes I am very sarcastic... I know ! 

11- Usually when we need cars we share the gasoline but anyone have not any kind of benefits with this... PS: As a matter of equality and for the drivers not to be harmed I suggest the gasoline adjustment should be made at the beginning of the trip because some people can return in different cars if they want to stay more.

12- Please , do not ask to translate this page in another languages because it is an international page and English is the most popular international language. 

13- Please, do not come to these events to impose your own rules and what is more convenient for you.Ps : Sometimes people forget what is common sense ... 

14- Please , let to go to bathroom and etc before starting the hiking /walking. Ps : It is important when we are a large group and we need to respect the group dynamic.

15- When we have a group discount in a Museum or somewhere else please bring money in cash and already changed because usually in this circumstances we buy a group ticket and in most of time they do not accept an individual payment for having a group discount. 

16- Please, when we have to share car, taxi, uber bring money already changed. Ok ?

17- Pay attention : Life is short . Please make the happiness something simple for you and people around you. 

See you soon ! 

Camila HonĂ³rio


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