IoT Amsterdam DIY Raspberry Pi / Arduino & Robotica

Hello World, 

We started this community club to support Do-It-Yourself, Internet of Things, computer and electronica enthusiasts. We have a place to learn and explore new things to add your own touch of magic to the world. 

”020TecMakerHub" DIY support center is looking forward to welcoming you.

Come to our weekly meetup and have a discussion about new technology and new trends.

• Arduino and compatible

• Rasbperry Pi

• LoPy Python boards 

• LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, M2M communication

• programming

• sensors and IoT devices

We are going to start this month two courses: 

1. Python course for beginners (no programming knowledge needed).

2. Internet of Things, Sensors, Python and microPython (a course for a people with a basic knowledge).

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