Codebridge is an open community.

We believe that we are able to use our collective interest in technology and social change to serve local communities and explore alternate ways of addressing South African social problems. 

We are committed to the values of transparency and voluntary association - not only in the projects that we focus on, but also in the way that Codebridge itself is managed. This means that not only do we strive to honour the principles espoused in the open source and open data movements, but that we also feel that anyone, regardless of their skill set or background, should be able to contribute or extend the work that we are doing.

We aim to achieve the above by:

• Advocating for and advancing the practice of civic-tech in South Africa.

• Holding ourselves accountable to our own principles of honesty and openness.

• Proactively pursuing opportunities for community members to take ownership, co-create and/or help guide the shape of Codebridge.

• Being open to work with all individuals and organisations that share our views as stated above.Being mindful that civic-tech is not always the solution.

• Acknowledging the reality and legacy of the various social issues that we face as South Africans in the 21st century.


Upcoming events for community

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