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Organizers of the largest meetups in the country and providing events & conferences to learn, network and getting to know the best Javascript Leaders in the world. 

Frontend Love consists out of a meetup community of 8,000 members and 4,000 yearly javascrict enthusiasts attending free meetups, events & conferences! 


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React Live - Vuejs Amsterdam 2019 with Evan You live on stage! Tickets available NOW! 


Welcome to the Largest Meetup community of Frontend Developers in the Benelux. Proven Track record for delivering the most inspiring, educational, fun and active Meetups in the Netherlands. 

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• 8000+ Community Members

• 100+ Successful Free Meetups

• 100 Awesome speakers

• Hosted 300+ Meetup in July

Frontend Developer Love 2020 - 19th February 2020

Vuejs Amsterdam 2019 - 20 & 21th February 2020

Watch all the videos of top Vue, Angular and React speakers of our first Frontend Developer Love Conference

Largest and Most Active group of Vuejs Developers in the Netherlands

Largest and Most Active Frontend Developer group in the Netherlands

Largest Angularjs Meetup Group in the Netherlands

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