Data Science London - We're the largest #datascience community in Europe

We are a community of data scientists, machine learning geeks and data hackers that meet regularly to discuss data science projects, methods, topics, tools & technologies. We promote free, open, dissemination of knowledge. We are totally independent and not affiliated to any brand, vendor or government organisation.

Over time we've grown to a diverse community of talents and minds. We feel now is the moment to renew ourselves and move ahead in an exciting era. In summary, we would prioritise

• Any talk through the lens of "Computation"

• Talks from community members on ideas/projects occupying their minds and time

• Simple and interesting hands-on demos, as well as simple exposition

In doing so we hope to convey frontier ideas, foster active discussions and equally appeal to a general public curious about Data Science. If you have any suggestions, feel free to message us. Let's share the joy of Data Science!

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This is a meetup for hands-on people directly involved in machine learning and data science projects.

Please note: Absolutely no recruiters, HR people, Sales & Marketing people, Events & Conference people, brokers or agents. No exceptions.


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