Berlin Original Wine Tasting Club

What is better than a 'regular' MeetUp?*

This is the original Wine Tasting Club in Berlin:

Our group is by far  the most active  Wine Tasting Club in Berlin with almost 2000 Original Wine Tasters and more than hundreds of wine tasting organized since the group exists!

A group for wine lovers!

We are all about tasting, tasting and tasting some more wines! And you don't need to be a wine expert: you will become one!

Many people organize wine tasting events of different kinds here and you can be sure there is one right tasting for you!

Wine is a great "product" that brings people together

whatever for social or business purposes. Wine is also a complex product which needs lots of work and intervention of men/women before it arrives on your table and bring you so much pleasure.

Let's value all this

work and people: let's regularly organize some tastings, dinners, visits to wine regions and discover some interesting facts about wines.

*Answer is: a MeetUp with great wine discoveries each time! :)


Upcoming events for community

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