Digital Commonwealth is a Meetup group centred around the vision of the Tezos Protocol. A progressive environment for the evolution of 'The Internet of Value'.

The aim of this group is to bring interested individuals together for the purpose of relationship building, education and entertainment. As is the case for the Tezos Protocol, this group is not limited to any one technology but rather provides a framework to coordinate development, both in terms of conceptual understanding, and the technological advancement of coordination protocols.

Events are held in Monaco, Nice, Cannes and the European technology park of Sophia-Antipolis.

Our meetups are open to people of all levels of experience, from all fields of interest.

On behalf of Digital Commonwealth, we are grateful to the Tezos Commons Foundation (TCF) for their support and The Tezos Foundation for their grant programme. We are confident that with the support of TCF we can continue to provide value to our members and to the broader community.


Upcoming events for community

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