Please see the Discussions tab to see what's on and post new hackathons that aren't already being talked about.

In 2017, without any warning, Meetup stopped non-admins from suggesting new meetups - removing the platform feature that enabled Hackathons and Jams UK to work without an impossible workload on the admins. So we can't currently accept hackathons into the calendar.  Instead you plucky hackers have been posting a new Discussion topic for each new hackathon you organise or discover, which is the best we can do if Meetup won't listen.

For those of us that enjoy participating in hackathons and jams - where we create and compete to produce the next big thing that will change the world... even if it's just a little bit at a time.


You MUST follow the links in the event description to sign up on each hackathon's dedicated signup page.


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