This group is for anyone who want to learn more about Data Science. We believe that whoever wants to work smart and hard should have the opportunity to succeed! 

Inspired by the OpenTechSchool at Berlin, London, etc. (, the Learning Circles (P2P University, and the École 42 ( we meet each week to share our knowledge and discuss Data Science related topics. We don't have teachers, we are self-learners. We learn by doing and we meet with others that also learn in this way.

We'll focus on 4 major subjects: i) Programming (Machine Learning, Data Mining Algorithms), ii) Mathematical and Applied Statistics (central concepts and theories), iii) Critical/Strategic Thinking (decision analysis, cognitive biases, etc.) and iv) Communication Skills (scientific writing, business storytelling, etc). 

Nowadays, there are plenty online-resources (Udacity, Coursera, EdX, Kaggle, etc.) to learn on your own. Unfortunately, this isn't enough! It is far more effective to be part of a motivated community where you, self-learner: i) are accountable, ii) can ask your questions and iii) share your knowledge. Learning in a community is much more fun, active and motivating. Come, ask your questions, share your knowledge and learn with others motivated people like you.

Best regards, 

Tito Karl.


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