Lisbon Domain Driven Design Meetup

Does Domain-Driven Design spark your interest? Event-Driven Architecture? Are you interested in exploring and reaping the benefits of microservices, command/query segregation and eventual consistency to achieve robustness, correctness and scalability?

Here we meet to discuss the theory and practice of Domain-Driven Design.

This might interest developers, technical co-founders and leaders: if you are involved in architecting and developing systems (webapps, apps, services etc.) you might be interested in this group. Here we discuss and showcase software architectures and design, from both a tactical and strategic point of view. Get together with peers to discuss the right strategies for your software and avoid the dreaded "monolith"


We do five different kinds of activities:

• Showcase - a business or project showcases their use of DDD and explains the journey (example)

• Book club - we study DDD theory together (example)

• Special - an interesting topic not directly related DDD, but has significant value for curious software architects and developers (example)   

• Explained - a deep dive into a specific DDD topic.

• DDDB - we get together, drink beer and mix, and share stories from the trenches.


Lisbon DDD is an inclusive group. Anyone can participate.


Upcoming events for community

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